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Sustainability Pledge

Although we’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far, we are not done yet - our journey continues! We will continue to strive to do more to reduce our footprint.

Verdn Partnership

In March 2021 we partnered with Verdn, pledging to plant a tree or collect plastic from the ocean for every order received.

Recycled Materials

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously. Where we can, we use as much recycled material as possible. We choose the right material to create the best possible product, which is lasting, fit for purpose and has the least environmental impact.

Our Packaging

We are always looking at finding ways to reduce the impact of single use plastic. In our eyes, single use is no use!

All Gumbies products come in biodegradable bags.

We choose bags over boxes which reduces our shipping volumes by 50%, meaning less impact on the environment.

Every order received is posted in a courier pack made from 100% recycled post consumer waste.

Supply Chain

We are committed to operate under Fairtrade regulations and ensure all our factories are BSCI compliant. Each of our factories are continuously audited by the Amfori network.

Waste Management

We recycle 95% of all our waste. Not bad, but not quite good enough! Therefore, each day we aim to improve and are always looking to get closer to 100%.